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Vaccine‬ ‪Rabies vaccine ‪Veterinary physician‬‬:– Hamilton County Health Department is helping all pet owners vaccinate their animals for rabies.

This year’s low-cost rabies clinic will be available in around 60 locations around Hamilton County via next Saturday.

Price is $ 12 per pet. For all dogs and cats, rabies vaccination is required by law. “Vaccination of our pets is the most important buffer between humans and wild animal populations,

where rabies virus is mostly,” explains Healthy Department of Environmental Health Services Bonnie Deakins,  Rabies vaccine is not just protecting your pet, it is protecting public health. ”

Rabies is caused by a virus that affects the nervous system. The usual method of rabies transmission is in the wound bruising with rabies virus.

Any mammals, especially rake on, skunks, foxes, bats, dogs, and cats, can get rabies and transmit them. Once infected or animal symptoms show that the disease is 100% fatal. They say local anxiety was the outstanding rabies-positive rake in the eastern ridge neighborhood in December 2017.

They believe that there is not only close rabies in this case but also how important it is to keep your pet immunized up to date. Last year, 36 animals tested positive for viruses, mostly scans, and bats. In 2017, the Health Department investigated 706 cases of humans cutting bones in Hamilton County.

Last year, these clinics gave 2,474 vaccinations.

Rabbi clinics of this year are scheduled for the following dates. All clinics are from 4:00 PM-6: 00 PM. Friday, April 20 Saturday, April 21 Wednesday, April 25 Thursday, April 26th (Special cat only clinic) Friday, April 27 Saturday, April 28 For more information about clinic locations,

please visit the Health Department’s website for the detailed explanation or call the Environmental Health Services of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department (423) 20 9-8110.

To report wandering, injured, abusive or neglected animals, contact animal services in your jurisdiction. The Health Department does not provide animal removal services.

The Health Department should be informed of exposure of all animals (bites, scratches, open wounds) as soon as possible (423) 20 9-8110.

This year partners include Hamilton County Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Educational Society, McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center and East Ridge Animal Control.

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