Home remedies for eyes itching

Home remedies for eyes itching


Home remedies for eyes itching, Home Remedies For Red, Itchy Eyes

Home remedies for eyes itching Most of us are complaining of itching in the eye, which can be for many reasons like pollution, dust, infection, and allergy etc. Itching occurs in the eye, it also increases with itching.

Itching in the eyes is a very serious problem. This makes your eyes red and swollen.

But this condition also starts with itching in the eyes.The main reason for the eyes itching is due to the presence of more washed clay, because of the cold environment or infection.

Many people also have to itch in the eyes due to allergic reactions.When exposed to more pollutants of the environment, the dots of dust and dirt move in your eyes,

which can also cause itching several times.
Due to direct sunlight and exposure to long periods, it also results in eye infection and itching of the eyes. In this article, some home remedies have been made to address this problem of eyes.

There are many home remedies
that can help to get rid of eye irritation.but there should be no remedy without contacting the doctor in the matter of eyes.


Cold compress(Home remedies for eyes itching)

The eyes get instant relief from cold cotton, soak the cotton cloth in cold water and keep it in the eyes, it can also be used for cooling bags of tea. Putting these bags on the eyes for 3 or 4 times a day for 10-10 minutes gives you quick relief by keeping it cool in the refrigerator.

Rosewater(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Rose water does not only increase your beauty but also eliminates the itching of the eyes. Wash your eyes with rose water or put some drops in your eyes, you will get instant relief.

Cucumber(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Cut the cucumber into thin-lid and put it in the fridge, and keeping it on the eyes when it is cold, with the dark circles of eyes, the itching will also cure your eyes

Cold milk(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Keep the cold milk kept in the house with cotton and put it on the eyes and do this process twice a day in the morning and evening.

Potatoes(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Like cucumbers, potatoes can also provide relief to the eyes; Applying chopped potato pieces in the refrigerator cools down on the eyes immediately benefits.

Aloe vera(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Aloe vera can also be found to be relieved by the problems of eyes, washing honey with a mixture of honey in aloe vera juice gives relief in itching.

Green tea(Home remedies for eyes itching)

You will be aware of the health qualities provided by Green Tees. But still, you will be surprised to know that Green Tea also helps you to overcome eye scabies.

Take a cup of pure water for this and boil it well. Now it’s a green tea Insert a bag and let it cool down.

Once its temperature becomes lukewarm, then sprinkle it on the part of your eyes, where it is itching. If you follow this method twice a day, it will be very easy to clear eyes
and free it from itching

Vegetable juices(Home remedies for eyes itching)

Raw vegetable juice is also a potent drug in domestic medicines, especially spinach and carrot are very beneficial. Drink the juice of 2 carrots 2 or more times a day until you are comfortable.

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