Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Home Remedies For Dark Circles, Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Home Remedies For Dark Circles:- Nowadays there are many people who have dark circles under their eyes. They are also due to being too old. There are also some people who have to face such a problem at an early age.

For this reason many people (whether female or male) become depressed.Generally, it is due to genetic factors. Due to aging, the skin becomes loose and it is possible to reduce fat.

But there are also many reasons for this, due to which there are dark circles under the eyes, like smoking more, less sleep, bad food habits, excessive alcohol consumption, pollution, and allergy etc.Due to dark circles under the eyes, there are various reasons for long improper diet, long work on the computer, dryness of the skin, excessive crying, lack of sleep, physical or mental stress, aging.

We do not do anything in the dark circle, but it takes a long time to remove it several times and it affects both men and women.

Nowadays there are many beauty products available on the market, which can reduce these dark circles. But most of them are quite expensive and also have chemicals. Which can damage the skin Keeping this in mind, we are telling some home remedies here.

Use Cucumbers For Dark Under Eye Circles-Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Cucumber cooling agents are found and therefore they are used in the eyes to correct dark circles. These skin colors make lightning, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.

How to use-

1.Cut the cucumber into thick slices and keep it in the fridge for cooling. Keep a slice over the eyes for 10 minutes when it cools. Then wash that area of skin with lukewarm water. You make it twice a day for a week

2.Tighten the cucumber so that the juice can get out of it. Take out its juice and refrigerate it in the fridge. When it cools, remove it from the refrigerator and put the cotton ball in it and keep it under the eyes. Give the eyes time to absorb it. Keep it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water. You can do this 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

3.Take cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply it in a cotton ball and put it in the skin where there is a dark circle. Then wash with lukewarm water. Do it twice a day for a week

How  to  Cure Dark Circles with Potatoes- Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Properties of Natural Bleach are found in Potato, which can be your skin light. Under the eyes, swelling can also end.

How To Use
  • Take 2 potatoes of normal size and refrigerate them in the fridge.
  • Peel them tightly and take out their juice.
  • Take this juice with cotton hair and put it under your eyes on the dark circle. Apply it before bedtime and keep it overnight.
  • Wash by getting lukewarm in the morning.
  • If you do it for 15 days daily to remove the dark circle you will get the benefit.
Use almond oil-Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Almond oil is very effective to lighten the color of the skin under the eyes, because it is rich in vitamins and mineral and repairing the skin and also works as a moisturizer.

How to Use

How To Use Almond Oil On Face and Eyes
1. Apply 6-7 drops of almond oil under the eyes (where the dark circles are) before bedtime and keep it overnight. Wash it after getting cold in the morning.

You should treat this as long as the dark circles are not completely finished.

2.Take one spoon of honey and mix 6-7 blob almond oil in it. Then put it on the dark circle under the eyes before sleeping in the evening.

Put it in the night and wash it in the morning and wash it with lukewarm water. Keep doing this until your dark circles are completely cured.

 Use Rosewater for Dark Circles Under Eyes-Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Rose water has properties to make skin attractive, which helps in lightening the black circle under the eyes.

Due to being antioxidant in everyday water, it strengthens skin cells, creates new tissues, and makes the skin around the eyes beautiful.

How to Use
  • Take a little cotton ball and dip it in the water, then put it under the eyes.
  • Leave it for about 10 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • You make it once in the morning and once in the evening. Do it daily and do it for 2 weeks to see the effect.

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